Clean Is A Lifestyle!

DIY Bathroom Scrub

Every bathroom needs a good scrub from time to time. This simple and effective DIY Bathroom Scrub costs pennies to make and you can clean without worrying about any harmful chemicals. Check the ingredients: Baking soda Liquid Castile soap or dish soap Water Essential oils (optional for fragrance) Empty container or jar Instructions: Measure out […]

DIY Daily Shower Spray

DIY Daily Shower Spray. If you deal with soap scum in the shower and/or find that weekly or bi-weekly cleaning isn’t enough to keep your shower clean, you might want to add a daily shower spray to your cleaning regimen. Here’s a simple recipe you can make at home: Ingredients: Empty Spray Bottle: Choose a […]

How to Clean Tubs & Faucet Heads

How to clean tubs, showers, drains, and faucet heads is essential to maintain their functionality and prevent the buildup of bacteria, soap scum, and mineral deposits. Here are some tips for cleaning each of these areas: Tubs and Showers: Start by removing any visible debris, such as hair or soap scum. Create a cleaning solution […]

Benefits Of Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Eco friendly cleaning products are becoming highly popular due to the looming climate crisis and our understanding of the impact that CO2 emissions and plastic waste have on the environment. The need for effective and sustainable cleaners is evident. There are several benefits to using eco-friendly cleaning products, including: Healthier for you: Traditional cleaning products […]

Why Deep Cleaning Your Bathroom Is Essential?

Every bathroom is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This is why it is important not only to clean your bathroom every week, but to do a deep clean of your bathroom at least once a month. By doing this, you are preventing the spread of illness and infections that may affect you in […]

How To Clean After Being Sick

The most common question is how to clean after being sick. Cleaning is one of the best ways to protect your family from viruses, especially if someone’s been sick in your home already. We’ve got a quick checklist to help you disinfect your home after being sick. What should you clean first? Clean areas of […]

Benefits Of A Professional Cleaning Service

Keeping your home clean takes time and energy. No matter how diligently you do all the usual daily tasks, eventually, your home will need a deeper, more thorough cleaning. Rather than pulling out the buckets, brushes, mops, and special cleaning products we recommend you to call us and do a deep cleaning. In this blog […]

How To Clean A Bathtub

When it comes to deep cleaning at home, the most complicated task is to thoroughly clean the bathtub because we think that the bathtub cleans itself because we take a bath every day and it stays clean, but the bathtub has many germs if we do not clean it continuously and thoroughly once a week. […]

Style A Small Bathroom

The bathroom is where your eyes go as soon as you go to rent a house or apartment and many times they are small but that doesn’t mean we can’t give our style a small bathroom. A small bathroom can be the key to creating a different and stylish space at home. Whether it is […]

Deep Clean Your Bathroom In 3 Steps

Let’s face it every time we know we have to clean the bathroom we think about it a thousand times and try to postpone it. Many times, the bathroom cleaning that we do every day is not enough and we need to do a deep cleaning. This blog is going to give you some tips […]