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Holiday House Cleaning Tips

One of the most memorable things about the holiday season is the time we spend with our loved ones. But if you are the one hosting the family gathering, you might get easily overwhelmed with the list of chores to get done before the celebration.

So how can you get your house ready for guests without going overboard and putting unnecessary stress on yourself? Read house cleaning tips for our cleaning professionals at Cleany NYC.

10 House Cleaning Tips before Holidays

These simple house cleaning tips will keep your home bright, clean, and welcoming:

  1. Focus on the entryway. The entryway is the first thing your guests will notice, so keeping it clean will guarantee a good first impression. Give your doormat a shake, wipe your front door, and make sure there is no dust and dirt on furniture legs and floors.
  2. Scrub the kitchen. Guests usually gather near the food, so make sure your kitchen is sparkling clean. Don’t forget to flush sink drains, clean out the garbage disposal, and dust light fixtures.
  3. Good smell is everything. No matter how much time you spend at home cleaning, your guests won’t appreciate it if your house doesn’t smell nice. You can use an essential oil diffuser or just brew some fresh coffee to cover up the smell.
  4. Keep the windows clean. You want to be able to see your guests when they arrive. Make sure your windows are clean and streak-free with a simple mixture of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Use a reusable microfiber cloth to wipe down windows. Read the window cleaning checklist from Cleany NYC.
  5. Take care of your stovetops and ovens. With all the holiday cooking, you can expect your stovetops and ovens to get dirty. Simply mix baking soda with water for an easy scouring solution.
  6. Wash pillows and throws. Chances are, your guests will hand out around the couch. Make sure all the toss pillow covering and throw blankets are clean and smell fresh!
  7. Check your lighting. Make sure that all the ceiling lights and lamps work to keep your house bright and cozy.
  8. Sweep and shovel your porch. After all the hard work you’ve done with cleaning the house, you don’t want your guests to be bringing in dirt and snow on their shoes. Give your front porch a good sweep.
  9. Get the bathroom ready. Clean the toiled, hang clean hand towels, and make sure the soap is full. Most importantly, fill a basket with extra toilet paper.
  10. Clear the clutter. Before you take out your holiday decorations, put away all the unnecessary items that clutter up your space.

One More Tip: Hire Cleany to Take Care of Your Holiday Deep Cleaning

The holiday season is busy enough as is with all the Christmas shopping, cooking, and baking. Why stress yourself more, if you can simply trust professional cleaning services in NYC to take care of your holiday cleaning?