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How To Book a Cleaning Service to Your Home or Office Seamlessly

In today’s world, it is more important than ever to maintain the cleanliness of your home or business. At Cleany, we take pride in our ability to deliver a personalized cleaning service which we can tailor specifically to your needs. And booking our top-rated cleaning services in New York City couldn’t be easier!

We serve both residential and commercial spaces within the New York City Metropolitan area. Choose from a range of plans to suit your exact needs, and book in under 60 seconds using our Online Booking System or Mobile App. We also offer Coronavirus Disinfecting Cleaning in NYC.

Home Cleaning

Choose from a flat rate decided by the size of your home, or choose our hourly rate, whichever you prefer. Our cleaning company in NYC offers maid cleaning through our maid service, and even deep cleaning and home organization.

We offer a move in/move out service which is perfect for if you’re ending a lease or moving into a new house or apartment. Make sure your security deposit is safe when moving out. Cleany will take care of deep cleaning to ensure you have the best chance at getting your deposit back in full. Feel at home from the get-go when moving into a new home by sending Cleany in ahead of you. We’ll make sure the place in shining and smelling great before you even move in the first box.

Office Cleaning

Keeping your offices or business premises sparkling beyond expectation is a hallmark professionalism. Our cleaning company in New York City will ensure your commercial premises are cleaned to an exceptional standard.

We offer commercial cleaning in NYC to a range of businesses, including:

We also offer Coronavirus Disinfecting Cleaning in New York City, to ensure your commercial space adequately disinfected and safe to welcome clients into. Just finished construction on an area within your premises? Book a post-construction clean to ensure there is not a single speck of dust left floating around.

Want your premises professionally cleaned but prefer to forego chemicals? We offer a free upgrade to organic supplies! Just choose the Green Cleaning option when booking.

How To Book:

Booking Cleany NYC cleaning services is incredibly simple and will take you under 60 seconds. Simply head to our website, and fill out all information pertaining to your required services. Whether it’s home cleaning in NYC, office cleaning in NYC or you’d even like to book a handyman in NYC, we can help to create a personalized service to be exactly what you require.

There are multiple ways you can book Cleany NYC cleaning services.

  1. Download the Mobile App
  2. Head to our Online Booking System
  3. Call our Live Customer Service on (212) 851-6134

When booking online, we will ask you to fill in a range of information and extras. Pick how many bedrooms and bathrooms your house or apartment has, if you have any pets, and if you require a standard clean or deep cleaning. If you are living somewhere and are looking for a professional top-quality clean, the standard will do fine. If you are moving out and are looking for an end of lease clean, then the Deep Cleany should do the trick!

We offer a range of discounts dependent on how often you require our services, from 20% for a weekly clean, to 10% for a monthly clean!

Then, pick exactly when you would like us to come. Choose from a range of time slots dependent on the most convenient for your day. You can even set a reminder about the booking in email or SMS form.

We also have a store – Shop Cleany – an online shop & blog offering the hottest deals and trends on worldwide products pertaining to cleaning, organizing & decor.

At Cleany, we pride ourselves on being the highest quality cleaning services in New York City. Head to our website to discover the range of services we offer, we can’t wait to hear from you!