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Cleaning your floors can be a sticky situation if you don’t have a quality mop. Luckily, we bring the list on how to choose the best mop for your home in this blog.


Types of mops:

Mopping Basics That Everyone Should Know | Martha Stewart

Currently, there are several types of mops , each with different characteristics and functions, so below we explain everything you need to know about each one so you can choose the most suitable for your needs.


Wick mop:

How to Mop | Step-by-Step Instructions for Hardwood, Tile, Ceramic Floors

-Interchangeable mop made of mixed fiber wick ( cotton 90%, polyester 10% ) that provides excellent absorption and durability. Its design allows great savings by replacing a mop or wand (sold separately) at the end of its useful life.

-Generally this traditional mop model is sold with a wash bucket which we can manually squeeze out of our mop.

-One of its weaknesses is that it has to be washed and squeezed manually.


Rectangular plastic mop:

Mopping Basics That Everyone Should Know | Martha Stewart

-This mop is made of ultra-fine fiber, which has strong water absorption capacity and can penetrate deep into the bottom. 

-New streamlined design increases the size of the panel to speed up the cleaning.

-It is more in line with people’s using habits, it can greatly reduce the burden on hands and make people more relaxed when working.

-When mopping the floor, it is not easy to apply force if the glue contains less water and cannot reach under the furniture to clean the space.


Smart Rotary mop:

EasyWring™ RinseClean™ Spin Mop System | Household Cleaning Products Made for Easy Cleaning | O-Cedar®

-Features a spin drying and rinsing system integrated in the handle and bucket. Through an ingenious mechanical rotation system with 360° degree rotation, the microfiber comes out almost dry.

-Perfect cleaning for any type of surface. Walls, floors, ceilings, windows, wood and even carpet.


360° Mop: 360 Degree Rotatable Adjustable Cleaning Mop - Imitation Hand Twist Quick Dry Mop, Extendable Triangle Mop 360° Rotatable Adjustable 130 Cm Cleaning Mop (Blue) : Health & Household

-One of the main qualities of this type of mop is that it has a 360° rotating base that helps you reach any corner of your home, always keeping your house clean.

-It also has a bucket with 2 compartments. One of them is to rinse our mop and the other is to dry it. The drying that gives this compartment is a total drying, with this great benefit that gives this type of mop, forget about rinsing and squeezing with your hands.


Spray mop:

Xiaomi Deerma Water Spray Mop TB500 - TechPunt

-It is very versatile with a 360 ° swivel base, you will be able to reach any corner of your home smoothly and effortlessly.

-The microfiber pads are reusable and can withstand 100 washes in our washing machine or you can simply wash and rinse it in your laundry room without any problem.

-Features a 300 ml refillable bottle, which allows you to clean your home your way, you can fill the spray bottle with water, detergent, air freshener or any solution you want, and have the fresh and lovely smell you have chosen in the house. Simply press the trigger to spray a fine mist on the surface.

-You need to wash the mop by hand.


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