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Today in this blog on how to clean walls we show you step by step the easiest and most effective way to clean the walls at home. Because buying magic erasers in the supermarket is an option, but what’s the point if you can do it more effectively?

How To Clean Walls Like a Pro — Pro Housekeepers

Time to clean the walls

10 Tips On How to Clean Walls | The Best Way To Clean Walls - The Maids
Spring or early fall. These are the best times to clean the walls when the weather is still mild. When cleaning with water you will need to be able to open the windows to dry quickly.

How often should it be washed?

How to Clean Painted Walls - The Home Depot
Once a year would be enough. Add this manual work to the list of tasks that you have prepared for the period in which you are going to dedicate yourself to the general cleaning of your house.

How to clean 

Seven Steps To Washing Walls

The first thing to consider is the type of paint. We have bad news for you: if it is tempera, forget about cleaning them thoroughly, you will only manage to drag it and remove it from the wall. Make do with dusting them.

On the other hand, plastic paint is washable (also water-based, only it includes vinyl or acrylic resins). However, keep in mind that, even so, it is also porous, so very dark stains will be difficult to remove.

What will you need?

Step by step

  1. Remove all pictures and ornaments from the walls, as well as any furniture leaning against them.
  2. Dust the entire surface either with a broom covered with a towel or with the (clean) brush of the vacuum cleaner.
  3. Pay attention especially to the baseboard, where most dirt accumulates. Some people choose to use a feather duster or a sponge brush used in handicrafts in this delicate area; scouring pads with handles are also useful (but remember that they should not be dyed in any color).
  4. Try scrubbing a piece of wall in an inconspicuous area (behind a door is fine) to make sure there are no marks or grooves after the water dries.
  5. Wipe the rest of the wall with a white lint-free cloth (or colorless sponge) dipped in the soapy water.
  6. Rinse with the clean water from the other bucket (remember to change it every so often) using a clean cloth with the same characteristics.
  7. Open the windows and let the room dry.

How To Clean Walls (Without Removing Paint!) - Expert Home Tips

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