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Babies are delicate and need every detail of their development taken care of. That’s why today we bring you how to eliminate diaper smells

Diaper baby smells

The must be some previous articles that will help you with your babies like the one about protections for furniture or the best high chairs for them to eat. Today we would like to show you some tips that can help you a lot when it comes to such usual activities with babies as changing diapers and eliminate diaper smells.

Leaving aside the many related products such as diapers of different types, wipes, creams, changing pads, etc., this time we put the focus on the not very pleasant smell of used diapers.


With baking soda

One of the best solutions to avoid the stench of the garbage is the following: Sprinkle a tablespoon of baking soda at the bottom of the garbage can and, if you want that in addition to removing the bad smell, add lemon zest or any citrus fruit to also serve as an air freshener.

After applying the remedy, do not forget to place the garbage bag on top of the remedy. Remember, also, that you must renew the baking soda (and citrus fruits) every week.


Tea tree

Tea tree essential oil is one of the best natural antibacterials. Therefore, it becomes one of your greatest allies to prevent the garbage can from smelling bad.

Spray the entire trash can every day with a mixture of a cup of water and 20 drops of tea tree essence before placing the bag. In addition to eliminating odors, you will prevent the appearance of pests in your home, especially insects such as ants, fleas, or cockroaches.


Essential oil

Citrus oils, in general, are very effective natural remedies to avoid nauseating odors at home and, in particular, from the garbage can. All you have to do is put into practice the following tip: Put some citrus oils and pour them into the bottom of the bucket, and let it dry before placing the bag.

Make sure that the bucket does not have any holes through which the liquid can escape. It is important that every week, you pass a damp cloth through the bucket and renew the trick.


Cinnamon wipe

Would you like to be more environmentally responsible? You can do it with this trick! If you use disposable make-up remover wipes or wipes that prevent colors from mixing in the washing machine, you’re in luck!

Give them a second life by doing the following trick: Cut the wipe in half and moisten it. Then impregnate the wipe with ground cinnamon or dip it in an infusion of cinnamon sticks. After that, place the wipes at the bottom of the trash can, and voilà.


Air neutralizer

One of the common misconceptions in homemaking is that air fresheners help to freshen the air. But what the commercials don’t say is that instead of refreshing the air, you end up with stinky-flowery smells instead of just stinky smells. What you really need, instead of an air freshener, is an air neutralizer.

Diaper smell

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