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How to Teach Kids to Do Laundry? Laundry can be all-encompassing, overwhelming, and time-consuming. Over the years I’ve developed lots of shortcuts and easier ways to make it through the piles.

Kids and Laundry: They Just Go Together | Friedman's Ideas and Innovations

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to teach kids to do laundry:

  1. Explain the Importance: Start by explaining why doing laundry is important. Discuss cleanliness, hygiene, and the need for fresh clothes. Emphasize that it’s a life skill they’ll use throughout their lives.
  2. Safety First: Teach kids about the potential dangers in the laundry room, such as hot water, detergents, and moving machine parts. Stress the importance of not playing around the machines and keeping the laundry area clean and dry.
  3. Sorting Clothes:
    • Show them how to sort clothes into piles based on color, fabric, and washing instructions. Explain the significance of sorting to prevent color bleeding and damage to delicate fabrics.
    • Make it fun by turning it into a game, like “laundry basketball,” where they toss clothes into the correct piles.
  4. Reading Labels: Teach kids to read clothing labels for washing instructions. Explain common laundry symbols and what they mean. Help them understand temperature settings and fabric care.
  5. Using the Washing Machine:
    • Demonstrate how to use the washing machine, including opening the lid, loading clothes, adding detergent, and selecting the appropriate cycle and water temperature.
    • Emphasize the importance of not overloading the machine.
  6. Detergent Measurement:
    • Teach them to measure the right amount of detergent according to the load size and detergent instructions.
    • Encourage them to use liquid detergent for ease of measurement.
  7. Starting the Machine:
    • Show them how to start the washing machine and set the timer. Discuss the importance of waiting for the cycle to complete before opening the machine.
  8. Transferring to the Dryer:
    • If using a dryer, demonstrate how to transfer clothes from the washing machine to the dryer.
    • Teach them about dryer settings and the importance of not overloading the dryer.
  9. Folding and Putting Away:
    • Teach kids how to fold clothes neatly. You can use this as an opportunity to work on their organizational skills.
    • Encourage them to put away their clothes in their respective drawers or closets.
  10. Ironing (Optional):
    • Depending on their age and interest, you can introduce them to ironing for clothes that require it. Teach them the basics of ironing safety.
  11. Laundry Schedule: Create a laundry schedule or routine so that they understand when it’s time to do laundry. Consistency will help reinforce this skill.
  12. Supervision and Gradual Independence: Initially, supervise your child closely while doing laundry. As they become more confident and responsible, gradually allow them to do it independently.
  13. Problem-Solving: Teach them how to handle common laundry mishaps, such as stains or shrinking clothes. Share tips on stain removal and garment care.
  14. Positive Reinforcement: Praise and encourage your child for their efforts, even if they make mistakes along the way. Laundry can be a daunting task, so positive feedback will boost their confidence.
  15. Make it a Family Activity: Sometimes, doing laundry together as a family can make it more enjoyable and educational. Rotate responsibilities to involve everyone.

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