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Kitchen cleaning seems to be an endless task, especially if you spend a lot of time at home or have children. The kitchen gets dirty every moment of the day, creating tasks like washing dishes, food stains on the stove, the fridge, etc. That’s why Cleany has created a list where you can find cleaning tips for your kitchen with a list of the best kitchen cleaning tips and products.

Intense Kitchen Clean Up - Step-By-Step Tutorial


Tips such as:

Clean frequently missed areas

How to keep our kitchen clean with kids and pets

Tasks that seem impossible at first sight but are possible thanks to these tips that we have been testing with our customers with trial and error. 

Our biggest saviors are the cleaning companies if we don’t have time to do it ourselves. But if we are going to do it, the first thing to do is to make a checklist of what we want to do so we can organize ourselves and finish with everything we set out. Try to make a medium/short checklist in order to avoid desperation if you see a long list and don’t finish it.


  • The first cleaning tip we’ll give you is to start with the messiest place in your kitchen! How to Save Water While Washing Dishes | Angi

Sometimes the dirty dishes are the messiest thing in our kitchen. If you have a dishwasher, you can start by washing dishes with the detergent of your choice, then put on your favorite music and wash dishes in order. When you finish washing the dishes, dry them and put them away in your kitchen cabinets so you can see the kitchen area free and see what spaces are left to be cleaned. If you still don’t know which dishwashing detergent to use, here are our choices.


List of washing detergents: 

1 Planet Dishwasher pacs

2 Cascade Dishwasher 

3 Dawn Dish Soap

4 Caldrea Dish Soap

5 Mrs Meyers Dish Soap 


  • Time to clean your kitchen and oven! 

10 Reasons Why You Need to Clean Kitchen Appliances Regularly - Working Mom Blog | Outside the Box Mom

With Mr clean or pink stuff, you can clean your stove and oven and leave them shiny and like new. If you are looking for a plant-based product, Cleany has some options you can choose. Check the list:


List of stove and oven detergents:

1 Better Life Stainless Steel Polish

2 Better Life Kitchen Scrubber 

3 Mr Clean Freak 

4 9 Elements Cleaner


Cleaning our kitchen appliances helps a lot to see everything cleaner. After taking a quick look, we realized where we forgot to clean, like our sink and sink faucet. Remember to clean and change the sponge often. Since we tend to forget to wash it after every use and, over time, it tends to collect bacteria. 



  • Reorganize your fridge.

How to Organize a Fridge, the Right Way


When we have kids, it’s very difficult to keep our refrigerator in order. We recommend organizing your fridge with storage boxes. In that way you will see what you have available for cooking. We recommend taking out everything you have in the refrigerator once a week. Clean it with a microfiber cloth and a little water with vinegar or plant-based multi-purpose cleaners to clean your refrigerator. In this way, it doesn’t leave any odor. Taking everything out of the fridge will help us visualize which food is about to expire and which we need to buy.



  • Frequently missed areas on kitchen appliances.

Tips for Kitchen Appliance Cleaning | Go HouseMaids in Sarasota FL



Here we will give you the best tips to clean your kitchen appliances and keep them that way. The garbage can is one of the places we forget to clean the most. Wash it with water and your favorite cleaner or disinfectant cleaner with the scent you prefer. Let it dry, and put some cotton balls with citrus essential oil at the bottom of the can. Put the new cover on top to help reduce odors.




  • Cleaning secrets no one told you!

Kitchen Cleaning: A Step-by-Step Guide | Apartment Therapy

  1. If you have pets, this might be interesting to you. No one tells us how often to wash our pet’s food or water dishes. Guess? It’s a daily cleaning! Every day we should wash our pet’s food dishes with hot water and a little vinegar, or you can use a soap of your choice with a sponge that is only for your pet’s use.
  2. Disinfect your sink faucet with vinegar, a plastic sleeve, and a rubber band to make it easy to clean. Add vinegar in the plastic sleeve and leave it attached to the faucet for about 30 minutes. We recommend disinfecting your sink faucet every month.
  3. If you have children, this will help you make them part of your cleaning, and you have an extra pair of helping hands. Give them small tasks like wiping the table, dusting the counter, and cleaning small kitchen appliances. 
  4. When cleaning kitchen appliances, leave the product on for several minutes before wiping with a cloth. Germs are easier to remove when the product is left on the surface longer. 

We have several disinfectants on our list, but here are our favorite 4:

List of disinfectants:

1 Puracy Disinfectants 

2 Mrs Meyers Cleaner 

3 Pledge Cleaner 

4 9 Elements Cleaner 


So here are some tips for cleaning your kitchen and keeping it tidy and clean if you have pets and kids. It’s no easy task, but worth doing it. 

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