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In the kitchen, we prepare the most delicious dishes, but in the middle of this process, this important room of the home can get dirty with grease easily and we forget to clean it immediately and then come to the problems with dirt and remove it is quite difficult but not impossible so let’s get to work. That’s why today we bring you these tips on how to say goodbye to the grease in your kitchen 


Cooking oil to remove grease from the kitchen?

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Although it may seem impossible to believe, there is a method to remove kitchen grease with oil!  To make the mixture, fill a small glass with oil and add a few tablespoons of baking soda. When the mixture is ready, wet a disposable paper towel and spread the mixture all over the surface that is affected by grease. Then, with a clean cloth and a little liquid soap, remove the mixture and that’s it! You’ll have a sparkling kitchen. This tip is ideal for surfaces such as cabinets or doors.


Water and vinegar 

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Vinegar has many properties that make it an excellent product.

In a pot, boil a cup of water with a cup of vinegar. When the mixture is boiling, pour it into a spray bottle. Now, try spraying some of the mixture on a greasy surface and see how easy it becomes to remove it! This idea is a good option for cleaning stoves, microwave oven doors and even refrigerators.


Wax polish to remove all the grease 

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Would you have imagined that wax polish, used to clean wood and other materials, is a perfect alternative to remove grease from the kitchen? Here’s how! This step is not difficult at all. All you have to do is get a good wax polish, apply it on the affected surface and remove it with a clean cloth.

And that’s it! It’s very simple. Our recommendation is that you use this alternative on countertops and do it a maximum of twice a month, so that the product lasts and periodically you will see a deep cleaning in your kitchen.


Use degreaser!

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This idea seems very obvious, it will surely be the option that most people use to remove grease from the kitchen. However, today we bring for you a way to boost this product and leave your surfaces shiny. Take two cups of water and bring it to a boil in a pot. When it is ready, add 1/4 cup of degreaser. Then stir very well and you will have your grease remover mixture ready. Take a clean, dry cloth, dampen it a little with the mixture and get cleaning! This idea can also be used to clean appliances.


Baking soda

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Next on the list is the baking soda method, an easy, inexpensive and very useful alternative in the task of how to remove grease from the kitchen. Mix half a cup of warm water with two tablespoons of baking soda. Mix very well and, with the help of a cloth or cleaner, spread the mixture very well and clean, from the corners of your cabinets, drawers and walls, to appliances and furniture in general.


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