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As we have been growing in the professional cleaning market Cleany has been testing different cleaning products for different surfaces and today we bring you the best cleaning products for different surfaces that Cleany approved after having many tests of error and getting the best results for our customers.


Spring Cleaning 101



Glycolic Acid for Institutional Cleaning

Microfiber Cloths

We recommend cleaning with microfiber cloths on satin surfaces, televisions and glass as they do not tarnish or damage the surface like other cloths. We recommend paper cloths for surfaces such as bathrooms.




Lavex Janitorial 12" x 12" Blue Microfiber Cleaning Cloth - 12/Pack




Wood cleaners

For wood surfaces we recommend choosing one that gives a natural shine to the wood making it look new longer, microfiller technology for scratches and most importantly is safe for children and pets. So keep wood floors looking their best with natural floor cleaners and floor cleaning concentrates







Limpieza de superficies duras

Multi Surface Cleaner & Concentrates

Here we have several options both as sprays and liquids as we have recommended in other blogs. Choose a cleaner that we like the smell of but is good at cleaning and disinfecting the area. If you are allergic to strong odors try to choose one that is fragrance free and free of any chemicals. We always opt to go for the more organic cleaner but we also have options such as Mr. Clean, Windex, Bissell, etc. The important thing is to choose a cleaner that will work on any type of surface, dissolves dirt, is not full of chemicals so that it is safe for children and pets and eliminates germs.




8 Best Dishwasher Cleaners 2021 | The Strategist



Dishwasher Detergent

Natural dishwasher gels and dish powder clean without questionable ingredients, and convenient dish packs, auto dish gels, and rinse aids make it easy for your dishwasher to do its best for your home! Check our list!








The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Doing Laundry | HuffPost Life

Laundry Products

Doing laundry is one of the most important household tasks because there are many products on the market that can cause skin allergies or that are not of good quality, eliminating odors or stains from clothes so it is necessary to use the best products on the market. Which you can find here





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Plant based cleaning products

The most famous in the market so we have a wide variety of products on our list. This brand includes everything that an organic brand must meet to be in our favorites. It is not only safe for children and pets but also is environmentally friendly and chemical free.




This is our list of products that we recommend 100%. We use these products for our customers leaving always a new experience in cleaning.

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