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Dust is one of the great enemies of home cleaning. In addition to the dirt it generates, it can also be a source of problems for our health, especially due to the presence of microorganisms and other pathogenic elements, such as dust mites, and because it is a source of allergies. With these tips to remove dust from your home, you can get rid of the dust for several weeks.

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For this reason, it is essential to keep your house clean, although it is not always easy. The rush and the lack of time cause that we do not always dedicate the cleaning of our house the time that would be convenient to dedicate to it. If you do not have time to clean every week, hire a professional cleaning company.

In the case of dust, however, we can follow a series of tips to get rid of it for longer. That’s why today we bring you these tips to remove dust from your home.


Clean regularly

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As much as possible, do your house cleaning regularly. Keep in mind that a thorough cleaning is much more expensive than regular cleaning. That is why we recommend cleaning the house every week.

Fabric softener is our savior!

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If we prepare a special solution with four parts water and one part fabric softener and spray it on a clean cloth, we will be able to remove dust from our furniture.


Wash blankets, curtains, and cushions!

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They probably look clean to you, but these elements of our home accumulate dirt and are also a favorite nesting place for dust mites. To get rid of them, it is advisable to wash and change bed linen and pillow and cushion cover every week. While the curtains can be washed every month.


Air purifiers!

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Much of the dust that accumulates in our house comes from the street. Therefore, to ventilate the house, try not to leave the windows open for more than 5 minutes. That is why it is recommended to have several air purifiers in the house to eliminate dust and improve air quality.


Do not abuse small decorations

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It is not advisable to fill your house with small objects. These items with which some people fill shelves, shelves and shelves are a focus of attraction of dust and, in addition, cause that dusting becomes an eternal process. 


Goodbye shoes at home!

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Our shoes are a major source of dirt, so before you go in the house make sure you clean them well. An even better option is to take your shoes off and put on your slippers. 


Avoid the duster

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This classic element is not the most suitable to clean the dust, since what it does is move it from one side to another, but not catch it. Ideally, replace the duster with microfiber cloths.




Follow these tips and you will keep your house dust-free. Leave your home in the hands of professionals and reap all the benefits of having a clean home without having to do the dirty work.

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