Clean Is A Lifestyle!

Thinking on renovating your house or apartment but don’t know how to deal with the post-construction dust? No worries, Cleany® has the most useful tips to help you deal with it. After a renovation project all you want to do is sit back and relax enjoying the view of your new place but before going that fast the post-construction cleaning needs to be done so you can finally rest.

1. Need to Vacuum the Carpets & Upholstery

The dust has its way to simply land in your curtains, upholstered furniture and carpeted floors. When the post-construction dust is settle, it starts to look filthy, but be aware not only filthy, it can activate allergies, itchy skin, and when family and friends come over it can cause them discomfort. That’s why our recommendation is to vacuum all your soft surfaces. Pay close attention to the details. Also, we recommend removing and vacuuming every cushion individually and the underlying frames for better results. If you feel any type of residual dust after the first cleaning try doing it one more time since the construction dust takes time to settle.

2. Hard Surfaces Should be Wipe Down

All the surfaces from top to bottom should be cleaned. The 1st step is to wipe the dust off the walls, believe or not your walls get full of dust during a renovation.
We recommend dry dusting since this is the safest way to eliminate the dust without damaging the walls. Another option is to us a damp cloth but this will depend on the type of paint or wall covering you have. Always test a small area before proceeding. Check your moldings and cabinets since these are another spot for dust to settle. We advise to clean the interior shelves of all cabinets. Countertops and all the flat surfaces should be wiped off before starting with the floor. And last but not least, sweep and mop the floors.

3. Replace the Filters & Clean the Air Vents

With every renovation project the dust and debris will stay in the air and make its way to the vents. You may say, well I only renovated one area of the house why should I clean the vents and change the filters? Well, the truth is that even if the renovation was in one area of the house the dust travels and replacing the filters and treating the vents in that specific area is crucial to lower the amount of post-construction dust that can spread around the rest of your home. This is one of the most important steps because when you and your family breath dusty air it can cause allergies to be triggered and respiratory issue.

4. Little Things Make a Difference

Our recommendation is to clean every single item in detail or furniture that are in the renovation area so you can have a dust free living area. Here’s a list of items that are most commonly forgotten areas:

We can’t blame you if you do not wish to deal with the mess after a renovation process. In case of needing help, we Cleany®iami and Cleany® New York offer our services. You can call us or check out our websites. Our expert cleaners are the best at what they do and available for you during weekdays and weekends. After our Cleany® Team does your post-construction cleaning you will be able to rest and admire your new renovation.

Remember that Cleany® provides a variety of professional services! If you would like your home to be prepared and sparkling cleaned for any circumstances, don’t hesitate to contact us!