Clean Is A Lifestyle!

This checklist is perfect for a quick tidy-up – try it at the end of the day or before a guest pops over.

Here are 3 checklists for speed cleaning to help you efficiently tackle various areas of your home:

Checklist 1: Quick Whole-House Clean

1. Gather Supplies

2. Declutter

3. Wipe Surfaces

4. Dust

5. Vacuum

6. Sweep and Mop

7. Empty Trash

Checklist 2: Speed Kitchen Clean

1. Clear Countertops

2. Load/Unload Dishwasher

3. Wipe Appliances

4. Clean Sink

5. Sweep/Vacuum

6. Empty Trash

Checklist 3: Rapid Bathroom Clean

1. Gather Supplies

2. Wipe Surfaces

3. Clean Toilet

4. Mirrors

5. Replace Towels

6. Sweep

7. Empty Trash

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