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The bathroom is one of the critical areas when it comes to cleanliness, so we must be extremely careful when it comes to disinfecting. We are not going to list the amount of germs and bacteria that accumulate in every corner, so we will go to the practical: tricks to put an end to dirt. If you’re also a cleaning geek, you’ll like today’s bathroom cleaning tips.


Cleaning the bathroom is one of the most difficult tasks, but if we do not do it, but for our health and hygiene we must do it, and that mold and moisture are definitely our enemies. We have the secret to keep bathrooms clean throughout the week with these bathroom cleaning tips. 

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The first thing you have to do is select all the products that you no longer use or are out of date and throw them away. While you take everything out of the drawers, use a cloth dampened with surface cleaner to thoroughly clean the corners.

Once you have made the selection of the basics, dust without forgetting corners, attics and those elements that you do not usually take into account in the usual cleaning. Try to keep the bathroom tidy, especially the sink cabinet.



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Today we tell you one of the best tricks: create a powerful cleaning gel with vinegar and soap. Mix two parts water with one part vinegar and one part soap. Rub with the help of a sponge this natural detergent to clean the shower, let the paste settle and then rinse with water. You’ll have maximum germ-fighting effectiveness in no time. If you want something for a deep cleaning  products click here for see more options.




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If your sink has grease stains, wet a sponge with hydrogen peroxide, wipe it over the dirty area and let it act for a few minutes before rinsing. Or use Mr clean or pink stuff for instant cleaning. 







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To restore shine and whiteness to tiles, soak a sponge dipped in water in baking soda. Apply and rub. Rinse normally afterwards. If there is still residue, apply a second mixture of vinegar and bathroom cleaner. It will make the porcelain shine and will be the perfect extra whitener. Rinse with water afterwards.





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We always advise putting a few cotton balls with citrus essential oil or your preference in the bathroom trash can so it doesn’t smell bad and always has a fresh scent.







This is how we keep our bathroom clean and germ-free thanks to these tips.

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