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How to Clean White Baseboards

How to Clean White Baseboards? When was the last time you cleaned your baseboards? If you have white baseboards, you know that they tend to show dust and dirt a little easier. Check these tips: Materials you will need: Cleaning solution: You can use a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap or a […]

Essentials for Washing Floors

What are the essentials for washing floors? Everyone loves a clean floor, right?  We might all have different methods for cleaning our floors but finding just the right combination of products and tools is magic and makes the chore of floor cleaning just a little more enjoyable. Here are the essentials you’ll need for effective […]

DIY Laundry Freshening Spray

If you need to freshen an article of clothing, a blanket or a pillow, this DIY Laundry Freshening Spray will quickly replace that fabric spray you’ve been using and become a new favorite. This spray can help keep your clothes smelling fresh between washes: Ingredients: 1 cup distilled water 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol or vodka […]

How to Teach Kids to Do Laundry

How to Teach Kids to Do Laundry? Teaching kids to do laundry is an important life skill that will benefit them as they grow older and become more independent. Check these tips on how to teach kids to do laundry: Explain the Importance: Start by explaining why doing laundry is important. Discuss topics like cleanliness, […]

Instant Calm: Declutter a Surface

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a calm home often feels like it’s just out of reach. We rush from task to task, sometimes without taking a moment to breathe, let alone reflect on the spaces that surround us. Here are some steps to help you declutter and achieve instant calm: Gather Supplies: […]

Carpet Cleaning Tips

You are looking for carpet cleaning tips? If you could only do one Spring Cleaning task, what would it be? Having the carpets cleaned is my top priority for spring cleaning. With children, pets, and those random spills and drips, our carpets can take quite a beating. It doesn’t have to be difficult to remove […]

How to Freshen Up Stinky Spaces

How to Freshen Up Stinky Spaces? If you ever have a spot that’s stinky and needs a quick fix, one of my favorite solutions is to put a couple of drops of essential oil on a cotton ball or cotton pad, let it dry, and tuck it into that spot. Here are some tips: Identify […]

Fall Cleaning Tips

Do you need cleaning tips for fall? Fall is the perfect season for a reset. Let’s embrace this season of change to start fresh. Keep reading this blog to find tips. Fall cleaning tips: Declutter: Begin by going through each room in your home and decluttering. Donate or discard items you no longer need or […]

DIY Toilet Cleaning Tablets

DIY Toilet Cleaning Tablets? Need a quick fix for cleaning the toilet? Or just a quick freshening up? Drop one of these toilet cleaning tablets in and let it sizzle away. Give it a scrub or just let it sizzle, then flush. Here’s a recipe you can use for DIY Toilet Cleaning Tablets: Ingredients: 1 […]

DIY Lemon Garbage Disposal Cleaner

If you have a garbage disposal or kitchen drain you know it can get a little stinky from time to time. We have a simple, two-ingredient solution that you can easily mix up today – DIY Lemon Garbage Disposal Cleaner. If you want to add this to your routine, use this weekly or when your […]