Clean Your Sofa Like A Pro!

We can find a great diversity of sofa types, but the fabric sofa is the most common, and the one we usually use to rest and enjoy with family or friends, in most spaces. For this reason, in this post, we show you how to clean your sofa like a pro. The sofa is an […]

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Kitchen cleaning seems to be an endless task, especially if you spend a lot of time at home or have children. The kitchen gets dirty every moment of the day, creating tasks like washing dishes, food stains on the stove, the fridge, etc. That’s why Cleany has created a list where you can find cleaning tips […]

The best cleaning products for different surfaces!

As we have been growing in the professional cleaning market Cleany has been testing different cleaning products for different surfaces and today we bring you the best cleaning products for different surfaces that Cleany approved after having many tests of error and getting the best results for our customers.       Microfiber Cloths We […]

Make your laundry routine easier!

For many it is a headache to do the laundry because it takes up a lot of time and even more so when they have accumulated a lot of laundry to do. But it does NOT have to be a headache if we organize ourselves and enjoy the process. Today we bring you tips to […]

Mind blowing cleaning facts!

We would probably think that we know everything about how to do a proper cleaning in our house. But wrong, there are many tips and facts we didn’t know that will make your life easier!  Check out Cleany’s A Plus Mind Blowing Cleaning Facts! That’s why today cleany brings you facts and tips that will blow […]

How to Clean Your House in 1 hour!

  Let’s face it cleaning the house is a headache and even more if we are busy with the kids or work and we don’t even have the time to clean and organize everything and we end up calling our trusted cleaning company but don’t worry here we bring you some tips to maintain and […]

Top Hacks To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Has it ever happened to you that your clothes gets damaged very quickly and you end up throwing them because they start to look old and damaged? And you end up blaming the brand? Well, maybe the brand of the clothes is not bad but we are washing our clothes wrong. So today we bring […]