Clean Is A Lifestyle!

How to Clean a Washer Machine

How to clean a washer machine? Cleaning a washing machine is important to prevent mold, mildew, and unpleasant odors from developing. How to clean a washer machine: For Front-Loading Washers: Gather your supplies: You’ll need white vinegar, baking soda, a microfiber cloth or sponge, and a small brush (an old toothbrush works well). Empty the […]

Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

One of the most important celebrations in the United States is approaching: Thanksgiving, of course, Cleany wants to help you make your dinner look fantastic by inspiring you with the best Thanksgiving decor ideas for 2022 that we have compiled for you. Home Decor  The Thanksgiving decoration for homes should be the most striking, pumpkins […]

Make your laundry routine easier!

For many it is a headache to do the laundry because it takes up a lot of time and even more so when they have accumulated a lot of laundry to do. But it does NOT have to be a headache if we organize ourselves and enjoy the process. Today we bring you tips to […]

Mind blowing cleaning facts!

We would probably think that we know everything about how to do a proper cleaning in our house. But wrong, there are many tips and facts we didn’t know that will make your life easier!  Check out Cleany’s A Plus Mind Blowing Cleaning Facts! That’s why today cleany brings you facts and tips that will blow […]

How to Clean Your House in 1 hour!

  Let’s face it cleaning the house is a headache and even more if we are busy with the kids or work and we don’t even have the time to clean and organize everything and we end up calling our trusted cleaning company but don’t worry here we bring you some tips to maintain and […]