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Cleaning children’s toys you have already thought that cleaning toys are enough to eliminate any risk of contamination. However, you should know that there is a proper way to properly clean each type of toy.

5 Safe Ways to Clean Baby Toys and Surfaces

During the first years of life, hands and mouths are the tools with which babies explore and get to know the world around them. And as they are very curious, we must clean and disinfect all the objects they constantly use, especially toys, to avoid the spread of microorganisms, such as bacteria and germs, which can affect their health.


Soft toys and fabric toys are among the most complicated to keep clean

The materials with which they are made and their textures cause them to retain more dirt and dust.


It is best to wash them with detergent, disinfectant, and, if possible, bleach

They should also be left to dry in the sun long enough so that they do not remain damp and there is no risk of fungus forming.


On the other hand, cleaning plastic or rubber toys is a little easier

It will be enough to use a brush, soap, disinfectant, and, if possible, bleach. It is also important to let it dry for the necessary time. Even if the specifications indicate that you can use hot water, it is preferable to use it.

In the case of toys that contain electronic devices or batteries, it is a little more complex, you have to use a damp cloth. This cloth uses disinfectant. You can use a dry cloth so as not to expose them to the sun.

5 Safe Ways to Clean Baby Toys and Surfaces

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