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In this blog, you can find these cleaning myths that you must know so you can’t repeat them. To achieve this goal, it is essential to learn to distinguish those cleaning myths that have been passed down from generation to generation and are not entirely true.

Cleaning Myths That Could Be Making Your Home Dirtier

“The best thing for dust is the duster.”

It is indeed a great help to reach spaces in the house that we can not access with the rag, but in reality, it is difficult to demonstrate its effectiveness since in any case, they do not trap dust, but simply remove it.


“The toilet is not the area with the most microbes.”


Although we tend to believe that the bathroom is the area that usually accumulates more viruses and germs, the truth is that there are other spaces in the house more prone to them. A clear example is the kitchen


“A good air freshener keeps the air fresh”.

As its name suggests, the air freshener will do nothing more than perfume the smell of the environment, but never clean or purify it. Let’s say it is the olfactory disguise of the house so it doesn’t feel so dirty.

“The more product, the cleaner.”

This is a common mistake. It seems to us that if we are generous with the amount of cleaning product, everything will be much cleaner. Not at all. It is best to follow the manufacturer’s dosage recommendations.

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