Clean Is A Lifestyle!

Cleaning with pets in your home is very important. Keeping our home clean and free of dog or cat odor is one of the most important factors for a healthy coexistence between people and animals.

Nearly 40% of households have a pet, which means a total of approximately 20 million pets.

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The most frequent complaint of those who do not like animals is the smell of dog or cat in a home, and in fact, most of the complaints or neighborhood complaints are based on this factor. This is not the fault of the animal or animals, it is, but probably the fault of a lack of accurate information on how to perform an effective cleaning.

Products such as bleach can, in addition to discolor our clothes or furniture, cause respiratory disorders in our dear friends and even intoxicate them. Natural solutions such as vinegar or baking soda work, but in the long term they are no longer effective. That is why using a professional, environmentally friendly product for homes with pets is important.

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Here are some tips to enjoy a clean home without pet odor and pet hair:

1. Grooming pets: each animal has different needs and, when in doubt, it is best to consult a veterinarian.
2. Clean dust and lint: it is best to start from the top and work downwards, because by doing this the dust will fall to the floor and then you will only have to vacuum it up.
3. Vacuuming with a quality device: before we mentioned that it is preferable to vacuum, rather than sweep, and, for this, it is important to have a suitable device designed for homes with pets.

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