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How to choose the right robot vacuum cleaner? This is a question that many people ask themselves when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner as there are many options and prices. That is why today we leave you with several options and guides on which one to choose at the time of purchase. Although you may think that a vacuum cleaner or the usual brush and dustpan are enough to keep an apartment clean and tidy, and you are not wrong, a robot vacuum cleaner makes the job much easier. They are automatic, need little maintenance, we do not have to be aware of them and, in addition, some models are programmable.

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The best of all is the versatility of all these devices, since no matter the size of the house we have, the floors, or the type of floor, there is a robot vacuum cleaner that adapts to our tastes. 

Robot types

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There are different types of robots, and we can distinguish four groups. There are those that vacuum the dust… and nothing else. Floor sweepers live up to their name, but they do not have brushes to vacuum up the dirt. They simply scrub.


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The size of the house is essential when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner. This is the factor that determines the robot’s autonomy. Faced with two robots with the same features, it may be a waste of money to choose the one with two hours of autonomy versus the one with one hour if the latter guarantees that, in that time, it can clean the whole house.

Characteristics of the house

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This is also a tricky one. The size of the robot vacuum cleaner must be taken into account. And the fact is that it will depend on this that it can go through every corner of our home. The most important thing is to measure the height of the robot, as well as the space under the sofas and other furniture.

Power and dirt sensors

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The power is measured in pascals and measures the pressure that the robot vacuum cleaner’s motor is capable of exerting to attract the dirt. What is important is to know if the robot has a dirt sensor or not. 

Type of brush

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Another important element when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner. There are two types of robots, those with a central brush, which are versatile and have a large roller in the central part that sucks up what the blades send it, and those with two blades on the sides and a nozzle that sucks up the dirt, are the best for long pile carpets.


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The robot vacuum cleaner, as its name suggests, vacuums, not sprays. Therefore, it has a tank in which the dirt is stored and, of course, must be emptied. If you have pets, we must go for one with a capacity of at least 0.5 liters. And is that, the hair occupies enough in the tank of our robot…

HEPA filter

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Although if you buy a new robot vacuum cleaner, it is most likely to have a HEPA filter, it is possible that if you get an old and cheap model or a second-hand robot, it does not have this. And it is important






With this guide, we hope you will be able to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner for your home.

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