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The most common question is how to clean after being sick. Cleaning is one of the best ways to protect your family from viruses, especially if someone’s been sick in your home already. We’ve got a quick checklist to help you disinfect your home after being sick.

How To Disinfect Your House After Being Sick? - bond cleaningin sydney

What should you clean first?

Clean areas of frequent contact: the remote control, doorknobs, faucets, refrigerator handle, cabinet hardware and countertops. Certain viruses can live on surfaces such as these for up to 48 hours.

Most sick people spend a lot of time in bed, so it is good to wash bedding, pillowcases and pajamas in hot water after any illness.

How to disinfect areas

If someone has been sick in your home, it is best to use a cleaner that is strong enough to kill germs. Look for a cleaner that says disinfectant or make your own by mixing ¼ cup of bleach with a gallon of hot water to clean hard surfaces. Never mix bleach with ammonia or any other cleaner.

Handles and grips. Viruses build up on refrigerator doors, microwave doors, and the doors of your home. Get rid of them with disinfectant wipes.
Bathroom. Cold and flu viruses love to hide in the bathroom. Regularly disinfect the outside of the toilet, sink and bathtub surfaces with bathroom cleaner.
Frequently touched areas. Disinfect door knobs, light switches, counters and other frequently touched places often.

No matter the time of year, it’s always good to have toilet paper, tissues, soap and non-perishable food on hand. Of course, you may need more during flu season and virus outbreaks. Aim to have enough of these items to last you two weeks to a month.

How to Disinfect and Clean Your Home After the Flu

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