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From setting out a bowl of baking soda to cleaning the fridge with vinegar, these are the best solutions to say goodbye to bad fridge smells forever.

Trust us, you’re going to love these cleaning hacks!


A very effective tip to prevent our fridge from developing bad odors, is to close with cling film all products that have strong odors such as sauces, purees, leftovers… These odors tend to spread to other foods in the fridge, causing homogeneous odors that can sometimes be unpleasant.

Here are a couple of home tricks that can work for you if all this does not work or if it does work, but you do not want to be invaded again by the bad smell in your fridge:

To remove the bad smell from the fridge is to find out what is the cause and origin of it. The normal thing is that the unpleasant odors come from any food that is in poor condition. If we detect spoiled food, the first thing to do is to remove it from the refrigerator, but if we do not know where the bad smell comes from, it will be convenient to perform a thorough cleaning of the refrigerator, focusing on each of the compartments and shelves.

Placed inside the fridge and cut in two. Some people put cloves in it, which seem to absorb the rest of the odors in the fridge. We recommend that only the split lemon or placing a natural lemon juice on one of the shelves of the refrigerator is enough.

A glass full of ground coffee, a container with baking soda, a piece of charcoal, some lavender or absorbent cotton soaked in vanilla extract are some of the most popular tricks.

The last step is to put the food back in the refrigerator. If you still notice the odor, it may be due to some known causes:

There is a dead animal behind the refrigerator or it could also be that the motor has mold and you need to clean it.


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