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The washing machine has simplified our lives. Years ago, washing clothes required soaking, scrubbing, wringing, and sometimes repeating the process. Fortunately, they came into our lives to help us save time and money.

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To extend the life of our beloved washing machine we must treat it well, maintain it and take care of it properly. Follow these recommendations and you will make your washing machine last longer:

Use your favorite laundry detergent

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It is the perfect complement for a washing machine the correct laundry detergent formula with controlled foam generates more friction between the clothes inside the machine, and thanks to this, your clothes will be impeccable. But not only that, but it will also help you take care of your washing machine because it will not leave residues in it.


Clean regularly

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Many of us think that it is not necessary to clean them, but believe me, it is very necessary, because of the lint from the clothes and those little pieces of paper that we forget to take out of our pockets before putting them in the wash gets undone in the process and stick and, over time, can make it not work optimally.






Here’s a tip!

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You can clean your washing machine once a month like this: pour a little white vinegar in the place where the detergent goes and a cup of baking soda in the  drum. Turn the water to the highest temperature and start the longest wash cycle.







Don’t leave wet clothes in the washer

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Remove the load immediately after the wash program has finished. Don’t let wet clothes sit in the washer because this can lead to mildew and musty odors.








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