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When we have pets and we do cleanings we are afraid that the products are not good for our pets and end up affecting their health. Some of these products can become very toxic when in contact with them or just smelling them can irritate your pet’s skin. That is why it is necessary to check the ingredients of our cleaning supplies before buying them.




Pet-safe cleaning supplies are household cleaners, including floor cleaning products, laundry supplies, window cleaners, drain cleaners, soaps, and all-purpose cleaners that don’t include certain ingredients that are thought or proven to be harmful to animals.

Environmentally friendly: using these products we help the environment as most of them do not use chemicals that harm the environment and are good for our pets.

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No more allergies and emergency vet visits: It is every pet parent’s dream that our pet will always be healthy and not spend so much at the vet’s. That is why using these products will put an end to allergies at home.

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Bath time!: Bath time is the most loved and hated time for many pets, but why is it so important to have a bath time routine for them? With their bathing routine they will have a softer, cleaner coat and no more bad odors.

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Bye Bye bad odors: Using pet-safe cleaning supplies we will be able to get rid of bad odors without pet allergies and with this magic product! Even more.

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If these reasons won’t make you clean your space daily, then nothing else will! Remember if you want a sparkling home without moving a finger, don’t hesitate and call Cleany 😉

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