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Do you like to have everything in order? Well, with these tips to organize your laundry room it will be perfect.

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The laundry room is very important to have tidy to have a faster and more efficient washing. A cupboard of sufficient depth you can install inside the washing machine, the tools of cleaning, baskets of the clothes, and even a small clothesline. A magnificent solution to do the laundry comfortably and to be able to hide the space by simply closing it. It’s fantastic!

Laundry containers!

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When we choose containers for dirty clothes, we should opt for braided vegetable fibers or breathable bags, for example, made of cotton. The objective is that the inside of the basket or bag is always ventilated to avoid humidity in the garments.

Analyze and calculate the space

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Look at the place where you will implement your laundry room and select the ideal section to place appliances such as dryer, washing machine, and iron. Remember that this remodeling should help you save time.

Make the most of the nooks and crannies of your laundry room

Use the corners of the room to set up a box for you to store detergents, air fresheners, and other cleaning supplies. You can also place a multi-hanger to take advantage of the extra space in the corners. Also, try to place the washing machine near this place to make it easier to dry your clothes.

Create a space for lost items

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Creating a space in the laundry room for lost and found items will be helpful if you have small children or an inattentive partner. Here you can place socks without a partner, wallets, keys, coins. 

Keep everything in their place

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Clutter arises when clothes are not in their baskets or cleaning supplies are not properly put away because it gives the impression that those who live in the house are not organized and clean. Putting everything in one place will also help your little ones know which clothes are clean and which are not. 


We hope you find these useful tips on organizing your laundry room!

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