Clean Is A Lifestyle!

Haven’t you ever wondered how some people can maintain their houses clean, neat and always organized? Well Cleany is here to help you with some helpful organization tips to get you on the right track.

1- Make a list

Yes, making a list of the places you need to organize will help you keep track of what needs to be done and what is pending to do. I personally recommend making the list based on the rooms and then what needs to be done within those rooms. This will give you a sense of organization that you are looking for and also, a sense of completion when you get to mark down the places you just organized.


2- Always start in one room

Believe me, if you have different areas in your home or apartment that you want to get under control, begin with just one and follow your list. You may ask, well, how do I decide where to start? The answer is that room that you are most afraid to enter, the one you turn around and close the door, the one that gives you a headache. If this option is too tedious you can begin with the one your guests enter most frequently. Place your priorities, then select the area, make the list for things to be done in that area and last but not least important, stick to it. Oh! And when you complete one area don’t forget to celebrate and then move to the next area. 

3- Recognize the time it takes

By this I mean that sometimes we want to do it all fast and get over it. Organization takes time and is not going to happen overnight. That will all depend on the area to be organized, make a schedule for a couple of hours each day to get those areas organized. For example: Organizing the garage is not going to take the same amount of time as organizing a linen closet.

4- Keep it clean

How? You wonder. Well, our cleaning tip at Cleany is once you get everything organized, select items in that room that you hardly use or that you didn’t even remember you had. Go through the contents and donate or place a garage sale for the things you don’t have a use for no more. I like to use the 1 year rule. If you haven’t used it, worn it in 1 year it is time to depart from it. These items take space from new items that you wished you purchased but didn’t due to lack of space.

5- Look at what’s left

After all the unnecessary items are removed, take a look at what remains. Ask yourself these questions: Does it belong in this room? Does it make sense to keep it in this area? Would it be more useful in another room? Does it occupy too much space in this room? Would it look better in another room?

6- Take a look for wasted space

When I’m organizing an area that does not have a lot of room, I like to think creatively in regards to additional areas that I can put to work. For example: on top of closets or underneath the bed.

7- Color organization

Whenever our team Cleany gets to organize a family room or a home office we like to use colors. For example: if there are 3 bedrooms each for different people we like to suggest using color containers with different colors for each person. That way when organizing we can easily know which container belongs to whom and place it in the correct room. You can do the same with your kids. Also, for the office one thing we like to do is organize the projects, important paper and bills by folders with colors.

8- Make things visible

Choose containers and folders that are transparent or use labels to help you identify what’s in it and save some time.

9- Make things accessible

Put the things that you use the most in front or on top. That way is easier to access. Do the opposite for the things you hardly use, put them on the back and don’t forget your labels.

10- Make things flexible

We always like to make sure that the storage system is adaptable in case it needs changing. When your system is flexible you can reconfigure and reuse your organization methods to solve any different storage or organization that might present in the future for you.

Remember that Cleany® provides a variety of professional services! If you would like your home to be prepared and sparkling cleaned for any circumstances, don’t hesitate to contact us!